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Books for Bairns: Craigroyston Primary School

Last Monday, our group had the exciting opportunity to provide new titles to Craigroyston Primary School for our Books for Bairns initiative.

Craigroyston is known for encouraging their pupils to enhance their literacy skills, and supply this initiative by participating in book festivals all year-round. Such events include the Edinburgh International Book Festival, World Book Day, and Book Week Scotland. The age of their pupils ranges from four to twelve, with those in Primary 7 receiving a book of their choice upon leaving.

Pictured [left to right]: Keira, Hannah, Eilidh and Jennifer presenting books to Craigroyston Primary

In 2017, the Deputy Minister and Education Secretary of Scotland, John Swinney, described the school as: ‘A shining example of innovative practice for how we take forward our literacy agenda.’

Craigroyston is situated in Muirhouse, an area of Edinburgh currently in redevelopment after a 2016 report revealed it to be the sixth most deprived ‘datazone’.

That hasn’t stopped the school from celebrating its community. By holding weekly readings at the school, to holding fundraisers, it’s needless to say that their contributions have been vital in developing the culture of their community.

We believe the school deserved some new books for their young readers, as a reward for their dedication. Our small team paid an early visit to personally hand out twenty-two books for students to browse and read in their library.

The titles included The Kelpie’s Pearl, Peter and Wendy, and a playscript of Treasure Island. Our aim is to inspire the pupils to pick up these classic stories and expand their reading with new, fantastical tales. All three books fall into the fantasy category – a genre that will help to stimulate their imaginations.

It was a privilege to play a part in enriching the reading materials of young readers at Craigroyston Primary School. The work that their staff, pupils and parents do is, for many, at the heart of the community and a source of pride.


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