Scottish Classics

Our Scottish Classics series is a list of books that are edited, designed and produced by our
publishing students on our Postgraduate Publishing and Undergraduate Publishing courses.

Click on the links to find out about the books and the students who worked on them.

Maisie and the Night Visitor (2014 – forthcoming) – A limited edition of the book by Aileen Paterson, featuring new illustrations and exclusive content. This book celebrates 30 years of Maisie’s adventures!

The Pushkin Prizes Anthology (2014 – forthcoming) –  An exciting new project in collaboration with The Pushkin Prizes. This will be a collection of the winning entries from the competition by secondary school students between the age of 12-14.

Ah Dinnae Ken: Stories of Scottish Identity (2014 – forthcoming). Ah Dinnae Ken is not a Scottish Classic but a brand new collection of stories on Scottish identity!

The Day Boy and The Night Girl (2014 – forthcoming)

Olalla (2013 – forthcoming)

The Camomile (2013 – forthcoming)

The Glorious Thing (2013 – forthcoming)

Detective McLevy’s Casebook (2012)

Lilith (2012)

The New Road (2012)

Treasure Island: Playscript (2012)

Peter and Wendy (2011)

Travel Light (2011)

The Kelpie’s Pearls (2011)

Imagined Corners (2011)

Sunset Song (2010)

The 39 Steps (2009)

Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner (2009)

The Hound of the Baskervilles (2008)


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