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The Glorious Thing

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The Glorious Thing – by Christine Orr


The Glorious Thing – by Christine Orr

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Christine Orr was just nineteen years old when her novel The Glorious Thing was published in 1919.

Set in 1916, The Glorious Thing tells the story of David Grant, wounded in the war and now returned home to the outskirts of Edinburgh. At the start of the novel he’s in pain and suffering from depression, struggling with the prospect of re-integrating into society.

But things change for him after a chance encounter with a young woman called Marion Sutherland. David comes to know and fall in love with Marion – and through Marion, David gets to know the rest of the Sutherland family.

The war looms over all the characters, opening doors for some, shutting them for others.

But the tragic aspects of the novel are balanced by moments of humour and insight.

As Sally Pattle, one of the team of Publishing students notes:

“What really stands out for me in the book are the domestic scenes. It’s a very affectionate look. They go shopping on Princes Street and go for tea at Jenners, something we still like to do. I think it shows that although obviously a huge amount has changed, there are still certain elements of Edinburgh that are never going to be different.”

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