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The Book In Germany
edited by M.C. Fischer & W.A. Kelly

image of Book in GermanyContents:

  1. Winning Hearts and Minds: the role of the written word in the Crusades in north-eastern Europe in the fourteenth century.
  2. From Print to Manuscript: the case of a manuscript workshop in Stuttgart around 1475.
  3. GW 6002: A typographical conundrum from 1479.
  4. Ne sint Magistri sine Libris: Early German printed books in the libraries of St Andrews University.
  5. Medical and Scientific Publishing in Germany, 1601–1800.
  6. Printing the Revolution: Berlin broadsides from 1848.
  7. Marketing Rules: changing publishing strategies in the Weimar period.
  8. The German paperback tradition and its influence.



The Poaching at Grianan by Neil M. Gunn (2005, limited edition).
This limited edition brings the novel into print for the first time since its serialisation in 1929. It has never before appeared in book form. Limited edition of 300 copies – only a few remain.

The Poaching at Grianan captures Gunn’s passionate love of the land and his despair over the decline of Highland life and national identity after the First World War. This novel offers an insight into the development of his talent and ideas and can be read as the first faltering steps on the road to becoming “Scotland’s greatest novelist of the twentieth century”. This edition contains a Preface by his nephew, Dairmid Gunn.

Merchiston Publishing • ISBN: 1 872 800 61 0 • pages: xxiv + 176 • publication date: 2005 • price: £12 inc UK postage + handling charge Order this book

Visit the Neil Gunn website


 The Influence of Benedict Anderson,
edited by Alistair McCleery and Benjamin A. Brabon (2007)

Images and Advertising: Four Essays
by Ian Beavan, Rosemary Addison, Elaine Thomson
and Heather Holmes (2002)

Scottish Literary Periodicals: Three Essays
by David Finkelstein, Margery Palmer McCulloch
and Duncan Glen (1998)

Imprints in Time: A History of Scottish Publishers Past and Present (1991)

The Porpoise Press 1922-39
by Alistair McCleery (1988)

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  1. The NLS magazine says that you have published a catalogue of the Sutherland collection of botanical books. I might well wish to order this, but I cant find it on your website.

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