Welcome to the website of Merchiston Publishing, the in-house publishing arm
of the Scottish Centre for the Book based at Edinburgh Napier University.

We publish in two areas, find out more by clicking the links below:

1) Books About Books

2) Books Produced by Edinburgh Napier Students

Merchiston Publishing is the imprint of the Scottish Centre for the Book based at Edinburgh Napier University. The imprint acts as a vehicle for the Centre’s own publications and does not accept unsolicited submissions. The publications – print, ebook and online – are managed by students on MSc Publishing. There are three ongoing series at the moment in addition to individual publications: The Influence of … series highlighting the contribution that key individuals have made to the understanding of publishing, print culture and book history; The Book in … series covering the history of the book in particular European countries or groups of countries; and the Scottish Classics series for school, prison and other institutional libraries. The production of many of these titles is supported by charitable trusts and other bodies. Such copies are therefore distributed freely, although a handling charge applies. To find out more, please email scob@napier.ac.uk.


Merchiston Publishing has some exciting new projects

This year the MSc Publishing students have been working really hard on three new live projects. This year the students have adventured into the realm of audio eBook with Robert Louis Stevenson’s Olalla. This edition will also be available in print edition with beautiful illustrations. The students have also chosen to publish two forgotten female authors, Catharine Carswell’s The Camomile and Christine Orr’s The Glorious Thing. Orr’s work explores the moral and social implication of the First World War in Edinburgh, a subject close to hearts of many. The Camomile is a fascinating tale of a woman’s struggle between her heart and her art. Both of these publications are limited print edition and promise to be very beautiful books.

Olallacover 2circles FIXED.inddtgt


McLevy at Bloody Scotland

Our brand new edition of Victorian crime short stories is being featured at Bloody Scotland, Scotland’s first international crime writing festival. This is a huge achievement and is due to the hard work of the MSc Publishing students and the quality of their publication: Detective McLevy’s Casebook. More details here…

The New Road by Neil Munro is one of the titles that MSc Publishing students have selected as their live publishing project this year.
3D image of The New Road
The New Road to be launched at Edinburgh Central Library

On 12 July over 100 invited guests enjoyed an evening of music, readings and celebration of Gaelic culture when we unveil the first ever e-book, and a new print edition, of this classic Scottish novel.

Thursday 12 July 2012, 6pm (for 6.30pm) to 8.30pm
Edinburgh Central Library
7–9 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EG

In honour of the CLAN CAMPBELL SOCIETY, members of which are attending from the USA.
Kindly sponsored by Edinburgh City Libraries

Merchiston Publishing is Branching Out!

This year’s MSc Publishing students are working on four new projects for Merchiston Publishing. The students are branching out into e-books by producing Lilith by George MacDonald and The New Road by Neil Munro. The New Road will also be published as a paperback along with two other books. One is Treasure Island, a play script by Lynn Brittney. This is the first play script version of Treasure Island published for primary school children. The other book in production is Merchiston Publishing’s first set of true crime short stories, Detective McLevy’s Casebook: Tales of Edinburgh’s Victorian Underworld. For more information about each title, please click on the links. Sign up to make sure you don’t miss out on exciting launch information and links to the e-books when they are released:
Sign up here!

Centenary Edition of JM Barrie’s Peter and Wendy

This year’s Postgraduate graduation ceremony was particularly exciting for staff and students on MSc Publishing as it also marked the day that copies of Peter and Wendy were distributed to all the students involved in its creation. Our thanks go to Glasgow printers, Bell and Bain, for printing such a high-quality book and to the Edward Clark Trust for providing the funding. This beautiful new centenary edition of JM Barrie’s well-loved children’s story featuring Peter Pan will now be distributed to children in hospitals across Scotland. Find out more…

Previous News…

Students Launch Book at EIBF Copies of our MSc Publishing students’ new edition of Travel Light were recently distributed at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival. Watch this space for more information and photos of this massive Merchiston giveaway!

The Kelpie’s Pearls was launched in the Grand Turmeau Hall
at Edinburgh Napier University’s Craighouse Campus on
Thursday 19th May 2011, between 4:30 and 6pm.

As this was a family friendly event, guests were encouraged to bring their children.
There was a variety of activities, including face painting, storytelling and games, as well as refreshments for the whole family.
FREE copies of The Kelpie’s Pearls were given to everyone who attended and, as you can see from the photos below, a fantastic time was had by one and all!

Find out more about our Postgraduate Publishing programme.

Front cover of The Kelpie's Pearls

Front cover of “The Kelpie’s Pearls”

Kids enjoy Kelpie cupcakes at the launch

Kids enjoy Kelpie cupcakes

students and kelpie outside Craighouse

The students who made it all happen!


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